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What women need

Ladies, what do we need. Well, where do I begin. Seriously, it's an age old question isn't it? I mean you ask any bloke and he will tell you, "I dunno". So what is it we need. Let me put it to you simply, we need people to gather around us and be our tribe. We need people around us who build us up and support us. People who understand who we are and are able to identify when we have unmet needs and then come around us and help and support us as we take on the challenges life throws in our direction.

We need people

to gather around us

and be our tribe


It sounds like an ideal solution, but unachievable right? That's because we may be relying on the wrong tribe. We expect our family to be that tribe. However often they don't meet our expectations or actually help us how we need or want help. They help their way, which is nice and they mean well, but not always beneficial.

So where do we obtain this elusive, beneficial tribe? A tribe that builds us up, keeps us going when all seems lost, a tribe that gets us?

- Start by looking at the people around you. Who do you think would be a good fit, a good friend, someone you could make a mutually beneficial relationship with.

- Foster the friendships where you think, "that person get's me."

- Begin modelling to those in your tribe how you would like to be treated.

- Reduce the time you spend with every-draining or toxic friends/family and set boundaries in place to ensure they don't get you down.

When you build the right tribe the rest begins to follow. But beware, like all good things it takes time, effort and work. A good tribe won't just fall into your lap, you've got to work for it.

xx Michaela R

Life is for living, not existing.

Michaela is lead counsellor at LIFE : ENHANCED THERAPIES, Counselling Service, Bundaberg. She offers general counselling face to face and online and has a deep passion to see people get the most out of their life, find balance and connect with the person they want to be. She loves helping people with mental illness work towards health and wellbeing life.

FB page @ LIFE : Enhanced Therapies, Bundaberg. Registered, professional counsellor

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