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Tips for relaxation

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

Who couldn't use some more relaxing?

Stressed out? Tired? Tenses muscles? No time to take a break? Always hustling? And all the time you're thinking: "I need to R E L A X". But ain't no-one got time for that around here, no-no, uh-uh. Between work, family, household chores, meetings, traveling to and from places and the daily grind of life we feel the stress building and relaxing looking like a distant dream.

There are ways to add some down time or relaxation into your day to day. Most of it has to do with #mindset. When we learn to drop the drama we are actively seeking to not engage with issues that may create unnecessary stress to our lives. Choosing not to watch the news, get off social media, step out of that stupid argument that so-and-so is always banging on about is a good start. Because let's face it; the drama is still going to be there whether or not we choose to get involved. The news will continue to play out even if we don't watch it. The social media beast will continue to thrive without our presence for a few hours (or even a few days). You would be amazed at how different life feels without scrolling through social media all the time.

When we learn to drop the drama we are actively seeking to not engage with issues that may create unnecessary stress to our lives.

Breathing; yup, I know, that's what everyone says to do. Do you know why they all tell you to breathe? Because it works, it really does work. Taking an extra 5 mins at the end of your gym session or run, when you first wake up or last thing at night can be just the ticket to restore your balance. Using breathing intermittently throughout your day will also go a long way to drawing you shoulders down away from your ears. Also great in case of emergency, like when when you're ready to throttle that college that won't stop ragging on you, or shouting at your kid because they won't stop asking for (insert relevant child preference here) and all you want is for them to go to bed or going mental at your spouse because they didn't listen the first seven times to told them to leave you alone. Yup, breathing is great.

Pay your bills on time. Or even better have them direct debit or bill pay out a set amount so that you don't get bill shock when the letters roll in. And... don't spend what you don't have. That way you don't own anyone anything ($$ that is).

Get a physical and make sure that your health is in check.

Do all the things that make you say "ahhhhh" once in a while. The self-care list is endless and I won't bore you. If it relaxes you and you enjoy it then treat yourself once in a while.

Get some green in ya! That is in every way possible. Eat your greens. See your greens. The colour green is said to have beneficial effects on your sense of wellbeing, improve sleep and is therapeutic mental health.

xx Michaela R

Life is for living, not existing.

Michaela is lead counsellor at LIFE : ENHANCED THERAPIES, Counselling Service, Bundaberg. She offers general counselling face to face and online and has a deep passion to see people get the most out of their life, find balance and connect with the person they want to be. She loves helping people with mental illness work towards health and wellbeing life.

To Book a therapy session:

FB page @ LIFE : Enhanced Therapies, Bundaberg. Registered, professional counsellor

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