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What We Offer



Individual Counselling

Invest in your personal wellbeing. Face to face, by phone or online. One to one counselling is an individualised and unique counselling service, tailored to your needs. 


Family Therapy

Enhance your family & strengthen bonds. Family therapy is powerful and versatile. Supporting you to find ways to better manage family conflict and difficulties and improve family dynamics. 


At Home Counselling

Counselling comes to you. If you are busy or find it difficult to get away from the house we can attend counselling from the comfort of your own home. All that is needed is a quiet, private spot. 


Professional supervision

Obtain professional support for your career with supervision. I am a registered counselling supervisor and am able to support supervision for both counsellors and those in health care industries and corporate employment. 


Education/ professional development

As a fully qualified counsellor and clinical nurse I am well equiped to develop a staff or client training package to support individual or corporate needs. Working from both a nursing and mental health perspective these professional development and education sessions are informative and enhance workplace performance. 


Couples / Marriage Counselling

Empower your relationship. For couples wanting a tune-up, facing challenges within their relationship or pre-marital counselling. Find answers to complex questions, solutions to issues & learn how to communicate effectively. 


Walk & Talk

Counselling can be attended in just about any environment. Meet me in a relaxing environment & we will explore your needs as we gently stroll. Suited to those don't love an office setting. 



I am fully registered as an NDIS provider and can support all manner of mental health and emotional wellbeing needs. Home visits & walk and talk are both available with this programme.



Group counselling can be a rich and advantageous adjunct to individualised counselling. Find strength and support from others experiencing similar concerns. 

Employee Assistance Programs - EAP. 

Tailor made counselling and training packages for employers to help staff manage and maintain mental and emotional health. 

Enquiries welcome. 


An individualised approach makes me feel that MY needs are being met. I am empowered and ready to succeed in life.

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