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One for the care-givers...

When was the last time you, the care-giver was asked how you are doing?

Do you notice when, on that rare occasion, someone asks how you are that you well up inside and try really hard to keep the flood of emotions or tears back?

Being the care-giver is tough. When you are strong and capable, the competent doer who is always ensuring others physical, mental and emotional wellbeing is being taken care of it is all too easy to be perceived as being ok. The truth is that care-givers are not always ok. They are often the people who need to be checked in on the most. Often the loneliest, feel the most isolated and need some attention. They are usually too busy helping their loved ones that they forget to have their own needs met too.

So if you are a care-giver and you feel isolated, alone, invisible know that there is help out there for you. Know that you don't always have to be strong and that you are allowed to express your pain. Just because your loved one is suffering does not invalidate your pain. You matter and more than anything you need to keep your wellbeing in balance so you can continue to care for you loved one and not burn out.

- see a counsellor

- talk to a friend regularly

- go to a group support network

- join an online support group or page

There are so many ways you can get help, support and encouragement.

If you know someone is a care-give than check in with them regularly, ask how they are and if you can do anything to help. sometimes a small act of service, like a cup of coffee to the door, can go a long way. Robin Williams is famous for saying:

"Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always."

So check-in with some one, ask for help, book the appointment, reach out.

As always if you need to talk, reach out to a supportive friend or family member, find a counsellor or contact Lifeline on 13 11 14.

xx Michaela R

Life is for living, not existing.

Michaela is lead counsellor at LIFE : ENHANCED THERAPIES, Counselling Service, Bundaberg. She offers general counselling face to face and online and has a deep passion to see people get the most out of their life, find balance and connect with the person they want to be. She loves helping people with mental illness work towards health and wellbeing life.

FB page @ LIFE : Enhanced Therapies, Bundaberg. Registered, professional counsellor

Instagram @life.enhanced.therapies

tiktok life.enhanced.therapies

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